If you are a Robbertze, married to one, or just a friend; commiserations! Since fate has dealt you this blow, let’s try and understand the historic facts to try and assess the future implications.
So many years has slipped away, without my even noticing, and still nothing has been done about my intention to find out more about myself and the family I belong to. So many questions, posed by my children, have gone unanswered and stay unanswered to this day.

Perhaps its sentimentality, boredom or a sign of getting old but this website has been designed specifically to find out what makes the Robbertze family ticks. We want to know where in the wide world they are and what they are doing. What their goals are and what opinions they hold on subjects like politics, religion and philosophy. Don’t worry, money matters can be handled under politics, sex under philosophy and the conversion to Islam under religion.

Hopefully this site will develop creating a multi dimensional picture of the family Robbertze, their genealogy and character.

What to expect from this website?

It will only be as interesting, informative, dynamic and progressive as you allow it to be. Don’t think any contribution is too small or insignificant, post it, you never know what it might lead to!

Ditjies en Datjies

Ditjies en Datjies translates to “titbits” in English.  On this page you will mostly find typical Afrikaner culture with regard to their approach to family and society.

Opinion Time

This is where you tell us “alles en nog wat” about your part of the family. How you feel about being where you are and doing what you’re doing. Spare us your cat’s name; instead tell us what an idiot Bush is and how intelligent Mbeki is. Please don’t forget to tell us about the eccentricities and stories you picked up about individuals of the Robbertze family. The more names and dates you mention the easier it will eventually be to put a genealogy together.

Lest We Forget

n Mens raak naderhand gatvol vir die leuns en die meerderwaardigheid van die eie wyses! Dankie aan almal wat wetend en onwetend ‘n bydrae het wat betref hierdie blad.


There is nothing like a picture to tell it all! Send me your contribution and it will be uploaded.

Contact Us
I hope this link wil take us all on a journey of interesting and informative facts about the family name Robbertze.

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