What are we doing to our children?

Living Like Animals? There can be little doubt that morals in our society are declining, and people often wonder why. May I suggest a few reasons?

First, our liberal schools teach our children humanistic evolution, which leads them to believe that they are just advanced animals. Then they learn situation ethics, which leads them to believe that humans have no absolute standards of right or wrong, just like animals. Then, just to make sure they know how to act like animals, they are given obscene reading assignments and are taught sex education without moral guidelines.

Meanwhile, liberal-minded publishers, broadcasters, and musicians flood our homes with obscenities, violence, and sexual perversion, portraying people who live like animals on TV, movies, magazines, and the Internet. And proponents of abortion and assisted suicide crisscross the land advocating the right to kill our unborn, sick, and elderly, just like animals do. Then the liberal politicians tell us there is nothing they can do about all this, because crooks and perverts have the right to live like animals!

If we seek to restrain the conduct of our children, liberal-minded psychologists teach parents that they have no right to punish their children when they act like animals. And some animal rights activists even uphold the conduct of animals as justification for all this.

So, we reap the consequences of our folly as crime rates skyrocket and gangs and juvenile delinquency run out our ears, and liberal-minded sociologists wonder why our children are acting like animals! Perhaps saddest of all, liberal-minded preachers keep silent or even condone all this as perfectly innocent.

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