Liberation Theology and Social Justice: Glenn Beck.

Wondering if our friend has seen the light, or is just busy waking up?

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Glenn beck, I salute you! As you and Bill O’Reilly have pride of place in my day, I have watched you grow in stature to the admirable personality you have become. Now now, you are not there yet!  How beautiful and intense, the dichotomy of becoming less so His truth can become more and I admire your courage and resolve to serve your  truth regardless the consequence. Oh and consequence there will be!

I have seen and experienced the consequence of collective theology for longer than I care to remember. Our identity and character have been demeaned and slandered. Every noble intent ridiculed and labeled; Apartheid. Everything we’ve held dear, in terms of nation hood and culture broken down and spat upon. Used and abused as scapegoats and the reason why the ‘poor’ and ‘downtrodden’ black African is where they are today. Justifying their repugnant lifestyle of plundering and genocidal tendencies on every one, but themselves.

Well my friend, when I listen to your exhortations and appeals for your countrymen’s better judgment, I worry. We have been there. Hopefully you will find what is needed to stem the tide of apathy and avoid spiraling into the consequences of what every South African is part of today. My prayers are with you. But when you have seen and experienced what I have, this world can very suddenly become a very lonely place. Thank God, after allies, there is Him.

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